An old piece, from the beginning of eighth grade. Not quite sure why I wrote this (or why I am posting it).

I awoke, cold and alone; surrounded by empty sea.

A thousand fragments;

Of that which had once been proud,

And beautiful, and whole,

Lie scattered across the grey waters.

And still I am alone.

The gulls wail;

Slicing through a steely sky.

The cold ocean churns;

Biting at my raw skin like fire.

And still I am alone.

Waves break against a distant shore,

Rain falls softly upon my face.

The far-off call of an albatross

Echoes in the silence.

And still I am alone.

Night falls

A dark, silent shadow.

The moon glows;

Silver light dancing upon the water.

And still I am alone.

The gulls scream,

The sun burns,

The stars wheel overhead.

Adrift I remain.

The tides change, the rain falls,

Days soar by, as intangible as memories.

Alone I remain.

Numb and cold;

I am restless, wandering

Within the prison and salvation of my mind.

Melancholy and subdued;

I am helpless, hopeless, floating,

Lost to the pull of the sea.

And still, I am alone.